by Jon Nick | Feb 12, 2013

Smart Publishing API (SPA) iOS SDK

In December 2012, we released our SPA iOS SDK.  The SPA iOS SDK is a free alternative to developing your own iOS UI with the SPA RESTful services.  Simply include our library and we provide an ordering UI for your users.  You can read the full description in our introduction to iOS SDK blog post.

V2 updates

We're excited to announce V2 of our SPA iOS SDK.  The updates include:

  • Multi-image checkout: Simply send us a collection of images as either an NSArray of ALAsset objects or NSString objects (public URLs) and the user can easily choose a different image for a product or add additional products to their cart with those images.
  • Multi-product checkout: Users can now add multiple products to a single order. Multi-product checkout is enabled by default unless you specify a specific product when sending the user to our UI.
  • Performance improvements: Many updates to both our library and UI to enhance the user's experience.

For more details on our iOS SDK, read our previous blog post and download our iOS SDK with a sample application.  Instructions on how to use our SDK is located in the Fujifilm.SPA.iOS.SDK.Tutorial.v2.0.pdf file in the SDK project.


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